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Assistant Teacher (All Grades)

School Wide

We are actively looking to hire staff to open the doors of our full-time Islamic School for all grades in the Fall 2023. ICMA will offer competitive salary & healthcare benefits for qualified candidates.

Education, Training, and Experience Requirements:

  1. At least two years previous experience in similar role is preferrable
  2. Good understanding of Islamic morals and principles
  3. Possess excellent oral and written communication and human relations skills.
  4. Must pass background investigation
  5. Provide three job related references

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Assist lead teachers with all classroom tasks such as collecting information, attendance, and lunch count
  2. Work as a liaison between classroom and main office
  3. Substitute in the absence of lead teacher
  4. Maintain all correspondence with parents as assigned by the lead teacher
  5. Individual and small group help for all core subjects in the assigned class (Pre-K or KG)
  6. Paper filing and portfolio management for each student
  7. Prepare and post student work and other items on the bulletin board
  8. Supervise students during school hours (during lunch, recess, salat etc.) within school premises Participate in all field trips to ensure safety and security of students
  9. Be physically able to complete all tasks (outdoor recess, setup, and cleanup classroom, etc.) in a regular time frame

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