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Full Time Teacher

We are actively looking to hire staff of our full-time Islamic School for 1st grade in the Fall 2023. ICMA will offer competitive salary & healthcare benefits for qualified candidates.

Education, Training, and Experience Requirements:

  1. At least three years of relevant experience, bachelor’s degree in applicable field of education from an accredited college or university
  2. Meets Maryland state certification requirements in an appropriate field of education
  3. Good understanding of Islamic morals and principles
  4. Possess excellent oral and written communication and human relations skills
  5. Must pass background investigation
  6. Provide three job related references


  1. Implement a curriculum based on the Montgomery County Schools’ standards and benchmarks in math, language, and science, centered on the growth and well-being of the whole child, and differentiated for student learning styles
  2. Manage and engage with students at all levels and show compassion to assist students with learning
  3. Establish strong communication with families concerning their children’s growth.
  4. Use technology and other tools to create lessons, manage assignments, and teach with creativity
  5. Understand the teaching/learning process and provide instruction that reflects multiple perspectives and multicultural education
  6. Bring a high degree of moral and Islamic values with passion for teaching is required.
  7. Very good knowledge of child development
  8. Must enjoy working with children
  9. Attention to detail
  10. Great amount of patience and flexibility
  11. Outstanding communication, interpersonal and leadership skills
  12. Design the classroom environment to foster and promote a hands-on learning experience
    in an Islamic environment
  13. Organize and manage classroom and social events (during field trips, etc.)
  14. Design and teach rigorous, engaging lessons using a variety of effective and appropriate
    teaching methods and materials.
  15. Teach personal, social, and emotional skills
  16. Use various tactics, stories, and games to motivate children to participate
  17. Regularly communicate with parents
  18. Identify and assist students who need additional assistance
  19. Evaluate children’s performance and progress and offer improvement plans
  20. Administer placement testing and determine appropriate placement for students at the
    start of the school.
  21. Work cooperatively with administrative staff to meet the educational needs of the students.
  22. Maintain a professional commitment by pursuing professional development/continuing
  23. Participate in Parent-Teacher conferences.
  24. Participate in extracurricular activities that may be scheduled outside of school hours.

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